Amy Hendy Photography | Great Horned Owl Nest March 2015

Had the cool experience of watching Great Horned Owls, and other wildlife in the woods, while the owls nested and raised two baby owls. Unfortunately that experience came to an end sooner than expected as no owls have been seen on the nest since March 31. The tough fact that for Great Horned Owl babies the first year of life is the hardest to survive is a reminder of how tough nature can be.
Great Horned Owl Nest 3.30.15Great Horned Owl Baby 3.28.15Nesting Great Horned Owl 3.25.15There are two baby owls! Owlet 3.23.15Home Alone 3.21.15An owlet is spotted! 3.19.15Wildlife watching wildlife-watchingOn a nearby tree trying not to be seen