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Hello and Welcome to Amy Hendy Photography!

As an animal lover, I am mainly into taking photos of pets & wildlife. When taking photos of pets I focus on getting engaging images that forever capture that cute, natural character of each pet I photograph. While I focus on also getting engaging images of wildlife, my wildlife photography is really more about being out in nature rather than just shooting animals. The wildlife I photograph are not on protected lands, but in the green spaces amidst the suburban sprawl and in our own "backyards". I share my wildlife pics to give you, the audience, a glimpse of nature and to promote awareness of, appreciation for and coexistence with the local wildlife with whom we share our environments.

I have always felt a connection to other animals, connections beyond the human connections we all have, and I still have to greet almost every dog and cat I see.  With other animals what you see is what you get and it is that powerful yet silent language between species that communicates so much, whether the other species is a pet, a working animal, a wild creature or even a flower.  All living creatures on this grand adventure on this earth can all learn from each other and, as in the words of J. Allen Boone, "Everything that lives, even a common domestic housefly, has something of value to share with you - whenever you are ready for the experience."

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Amy Henderson